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Here are Historical and Desert Tours Available…..


The Na’in Highlights

Jame mosque, Pirnia traditional house, Narenj citadel, Bazar, Na’in Hussainiehs, water reservoir, old part and Zurkhaneh (traditional sport) if the tours is in evening.

includes: Guide + Transport

duration: 2+- hrs

up to 4 person, 15 Euro

Na’in and Around

Jame mosque, Pirnia traditional house, Narenj citadel, Bazar, Na’in Hussainiehs, water reservoir, old neiborhood,man-made caves/loom work shops, Rigareh underground Qanat-based water mill.

includes:Guide, Snack or fruit or tea, Transport

duration: 3 +- hrs

up to 4 person, 20 Euro


Desert Trekking  Photo

desert two


Desert trekking on real moving sand dunes. There are sand hills from 5 to 62 meters that always moving when the wind blows. The highest sand dunes in Iran. Also sleeping (camping) on the moving sands and having breakfast there if you like. moving Sands is located 60km west of Na’in

includes: Transport,  snack or fruit.

duration: 4 +- hrs

for one person 20 €

10€ per person for more than 2 persons


(having home-made dinner is the optional. it’s 4€ per person.)


One Night in Desert and Finger Touch Stars

Camping in the desert in the late afternoon.  watching the sunset over the dunes . next hour for  having dinner then watching millions of stars.

includes:  transport,Food,tent  and sleeping bag

duration: one night (depart on the evening and stay in desert desert till next morning)  

50€ per person

Salt lake and Wetland tour

it’s a package of Visiting Khara salt lake mine and gavkhuni wetland+Khara sand dune. at the end of the tour you will be served with home-made lunch-dinner(depends on the tour time)

includes:  transport, vacuumed water, a meal (lunch or dinner)

excludes: Khara lake entrance Fee

duration: 6hrs +-  

30€ per person

(Minimum 2 persons )

Deep into the Desert

Traveling to the furthest desert villages in the country, Mesr and Frahzah (442Km from Esfahan, 297Km from Naein) and staying there over night.

on the way we visit Anarak and Choopanan.

includesTransport, Accommodation, Full board meal, a Safari tour in desert.


Duration: one day and half

for one person 100€

55€ per person for 2

45€ per person for 3

35€ per person for 4

If you decide to travel to Yazd when tour is finished. 40€ will be added.

 Na’in-Yazd En-route  photo

you will visit:

Desert village of Aqda
(Caravansary, rug museum, Narenj citadel, pigeon tower )
Chak Chak fire temple
Historical village of Kharanaq:
(Kharanaq citadel and shaking minaret)
hotel reservation in Yazd (optional)
includes: Guide, Transport,  meal
duration: 1 day

cost: for one person 50€

35€ per person for 2

30€ per person for 3

25€ per person for 4


Mountain Climbing

1#:  Rocky Hill  Photo

easy mountain climbing on Kalizeh rocky mount, nice 360˚ view. includes fruit or snack.

duration:  3-5 hrs

5€ per person walking


2#:  Middle of Nowhere  photo

it’s really middle of nowhere. what you see at the first glance is not what you see in the end.

includes transport+snack or fruit.

duration:  3-5 hrs

20€ for a group up to 4


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SURVIVAL Walking Tour!!! Photo

some 10 km walking in the mountain and desert.

All season except summer

includes Transport, snack or fruite

duration 4-5 hrs

25€ for a group up to 4


Carpet Tour:

as simple as walking through the old city where traditionally affected and economically mid-range class of  people are still living there and also village around.  knock the doors ask them if there is home-made carpets available to sell or to see. either you can visit inside of typical Iranian house, not decorated as museum or you can buy the carpet without middle man overcharging.

duration: 2hrs -+

15€ for a group up to 4




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