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    • Ellin Krinsly Says:
    • We visited the historic Na’in with Mahmood. He was an informative and inspiring guide. Na’in is fascinating and we had the chance to talk young Iranian women also visiting. Na’in and the surrounding mountains Mahmood took us to for the sunset was a day to remember.
    • Alexander Romanovskiy Says:
    • I have found Mahmoud’s phone number in Lonely Planet guidebook and decided to call him when I was in Na’in. And it was a right decision! I asked for guiding me around and Mahmoud did it with pleasure! He is a very kind-hearted person with very understandable English. Mahmoud organised a perfect tour for me: he showed me all around the city, including legendary mosque and also guided me to the unique underground water mill. I will always remember Na’in due to Mahmoud!
    • Jan Erik Aalberg Says:
    • I have been visiting Nain both in 2007 and 2010. This year in January I had the pleasure to use Mahmoud as a guide. My main interest for visit Iran is carpet. And it was intersting to visit different homes in Nain with Mahmoud. He opened a lot of doors for me. Even the fact that there was no carpets of interst to buy, it was a Nice experience to visit a lot of houses in Nain where carpets was made. Thanks a lot to Mahmoud for a lovely 4 hours trip around in Nain.
      1. Savvas Kiourtsidis Says:
      2. I had the chance to visit Na’in two weeks ago on my way from Yazd to Esfahan. It’s a good opportunity for everyone who wants to travel this route to split it and take a break in Na’in. We found Mahmoud’s e-mail and contacted him before our trip. He answered prompt and detailed to everything and made us a detailed schedule according to our needs. I’d like to thank him again for everything and for the great hospitality we had. We went to Na’in sightseeing and to the desert and we had one of the most unforgettable experiences ever including the sunset views. I highly recommend Mahmoud, he’s very friendly, good in guiding people, knows everyplace of the area and believe me that it worth.
      1. Isabel Pauza Says:
        I found Mahmood’s website when I was researching my route through Iran. I contacted him briefly but did not make a tour booking as I was not sure exactly when I would be in Na’in.
        Several months later when I arrived in Na’in I happened to start a conversation with ‘someone’ I bumped into – that person was Mahmood: “You must be Isabel” he said. What a memory!!!
        He took myself and my friend on a tour of various places we wanted to see in and around Na’in and timed the tour to suit our schedule.
        Mahmood’s skill in languages – including English – is excellent; his knowledge of the area is also excellent and he does not overcharge for his services. Mahmood gave us a more personal insight into Iran and I send best wishes to him and his extended family.
    • Of all the guides with whom I’ve traveled, Mr. Muhammadipour is probably the finest. His understanding and translation of English is excellent. His ability to turn obstacles and changes into ideal travel opportunities is beyond compare. I trusted him with my life and was never, not even for a moment, worried or afraid. When I come to Naein again, I will do my best to insist on his guidance.

    • In april 2015 I went on a tour ‘in and around’ Nain with Mahmood. We started off a little strange, as Mahmood assumed I read every letter of the lonely planet, which I didn’t (and never will..) as I prefer local information. But after half an hour we got along really well and he gave a lot of local information and stopped referring to the book all the time.

      For me it was the perfect tour. He knew all the great photospots and understood -as a photographer- I needed time to take the right shots or stop suddenly! As a solo women traveller I felt very safe and in good company. As a bonus I got to see his exhibition in the old mosque, I was impressed and we shared time talking about these beautiful images. I can Highly recommend Mahmood as a guide.